Added value to our customers

TK-Vilmet became part of the LEKO Group in August 2017, when Lehtosen Konepaja Oy purchased the entire share capital of TK-Vilmet. TK-Vilmet Oy’s operations will continue on the current premises and without personnel changes.

”Lehtosen Konepajalla on lähes sadan vuoden toimintahistoria ja syvä kokemus konepajatoiminnasta, mikä oli meille tärkeä seikka kaupasta päätettäessä. Uusi omistaja mahdollistaa aiempaa selvästi suurempien kokonaisuuksien toimittamisen”, kertoo TK-Vilmet Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Lasse Tyynysniemi.

Following the acquisition, TK-Vilmet will become a stronger and more diverse operator, and also its operating opportunities will expand.
“Lehtosen Konepaja has been in operation for nearly a century and has solid expertise in machine shop operations, which was an important factor for us when we made the decision on the sale. The new owner makes it possible for us to deliver significantly larger entities than before”, says the managing director of TK-Vilmet Oy Lasse Tyynysniemi.

“TK-Vilmet Oy’s operations are efficient and the personnel is very skilled. We expect that cooperation will increase production volumes“, says managing director of Lehtosen Konepaja Oy Erkki Lehtonen.

About the LEKO Group ?

LEKO Group was founded by Lehtosen Konepaja. The group is able to offer its customers larger entities than before, as well as flexible and reliable manufacture of medium-heavy and heavy objects based on almost a hundred years of experience. The group enhances the reliability and expertise of companies and facilitates for its international customers production based on modern technology.

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