We have added a new Tos Varnsdorf boring machine to our range

There is demand for a medium industry subcontracting machine shop and a company must be able to meet that demand. "It is very important to keep our machines up to date and invest in modern equipment. This enables us to stay competitive and keep production efficient, even with the recent coronavirus challenges", CEO Juha Mäkelä comments on the latest machine investment. "Actually, now is just the right time to invest in quality and expertise. We are preparing for a growing economy and a new age", he continues.

The new Tos Varnsdorf WHN 130 Q boring machine arrived at the shop in July 2020. Installation was trouble-free and with the new machine production efficiency was boosted. Experienced machinists quickly adopted the new technology, and by the end of the year will receive additional training provided by the machine supplier specially tailored for the needs of TK-Vilmet. Edufix Oy provides specialized training in Heidenhain controls and machining optimization among others.

"The old ideas about metalworking do not correspond with a modern machine shop, which uses computer controlled machines and equipment. We have to keep up with progress also for our professional staff", Juha Mäkelä says.
TK-Vilmet has hired new people and added welders and machinists to their team of professionals, so the machine shop has also been successful as an employer.

Basics of the new machine:
Tos Varnsdorf WHN 130 Q
Control: Heidenhain TNC 640
Spindle : Ø 130 mm, 3000rpm, 41 kW, cooling through 40 bar, 60 slot automatic tool changer
Range: X=3000, Y=2000, Z=1250, W-800
Carousel table: 1400 x 1600mm, 8000 kg