Juha Mäkelä appointed CEO for TK-Vilmet

Lasse Tyynysniemi is preparing for his retirement and the CEO duties will be transferred in a controlled manner to Juha Mäkelä. Lasse will continue working for TK-Vilmet with special tasks and sales support for a limited time. The introduction period for the new CEO includes, among other things, getting to know customers and production.

- A lot has happened over the years, big major deals have been made, says Lasse Tyynysniemi. His 21 years at TK-Vilmet include good colleagues, solid customer relationships and a many kilometres on the road. I will help and support to Juha as long as is necessary, so that the company can flexibly continue its development into a new era, led by a new CEO, assures Lasse. One of the most significant events of TK-Vilmet has been the sale of the company to Lehtosen Konepaja. Joining a large engineering workshop meant fruitful cooperation with the LEKO Group companies, which also benefited customers. TK-Vilmet is now able to offer competitive, broader projects to its customers.

The CEO duties will be transferred in a controlled manner from Lasse Tyynysniemi (left) to Juha Mäkelä

Left: Lasse Tyynysniemi, Production Control Engineer Kai Kärkkäinen, Production Engineer Kai Koskinen, CEO Juha Mäkelä, Production Manager Marko Kaijaniemi and Foreman Jarmo Pylvänäinen